Tuesday, May 6, 2008

May PUG Contest

Hey Guys!

Just wanted to make sure that you all knew about the May PUG contest details, since our meeting won't be until May 21 (evite to follow later today). This month's contest is for the PUG that has the highest total dollar amount of P3 payments set up in May. Here are some additional notes:

Basically events that qualify will
1. Be set up through P3 in May
2. Will take place at any time in the future
3. Have at least a portion of the amount collected in May, June, or July.

So I guess in theory it could be a 5k (or 10k or 15k, etc) amount that counts toward the contest so long as you collect at least $100 (the min for P3) in May, June or July.

The winner will have Dennis Reggie visit their PUG! Saweet!


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